Orthognathic Surgery; Gadsden, Alabama Orthodontist

Orthognathic surgery, essentially corrective jaw surgery, treats and corrects abnormalities of facial bones, including the jaws and teeth. These problems can create many additional problems, such as difficulty chewing, talking, and even sleeping. Orthognathic surgery corrects these problems and, along with orthodontic care, improves the overall appearance of the facial profile, and helps alleviate the aforementioned problems.

By using the latest in digital imaging technology, we will be able to demonstrate the overall functional and aesthetic benefits of surgery. Computerized treatment planning reduces treatment times and the overall success of your surgery. These advances in technology, procedures, and equipment reduce post-surgical recovery time.

Orthognathic surgery is not necessary for all patients. In fact, most patients get the results they want and need with orthodontic treatment alone. After your initial examination, Dr. Wilborn will recommend the best course of action and any alternatives.